reception room , reception room and garden


Wedding , Bar(t)-mitzva , Henna party , Cocktail party

nature , classic style, Inside and Outside

  • 100 - 500+ Guests sitting
    800 Guests standing

  • 24/24
    Sunday to Friday

  • kosher ,glatt ,mehadrin

  • 1000 Parking spaces

The Caselio event venue, located in Hadera, is an extraordinary complex that will give you an exhilarating experience. In the garden, thought was invested in every detail, from seating area with mosaics, small ornamental sculptures, romantic fountain, and colorful bird cages. Both you and your guests can enjoy a unique dance floor with a huge alcohol bar. The sky makes the Chuppah special, and therefore we offer a unique and luxurious chuppah, which stands on a raised platform and is carefully designed individually for each pair.

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  • Ha-Zagag St 19 , Hadera

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