MySpecialDate is a specialized platform in the venue rental for internet users, available for free 24/7. The main goal of this website is to facilitate the access to all the venues in Israel, fitting the criteria for your private event (wedding, Bar-Mitzva, Bat-Mitzva...)

You can do specific search, sharpening it with all the dynamic filters in place on the website. Then, you could have your own selection in an online basket.

MySpecialDate offers you all the crucial information on each venue, which is helping to save your time by avoiding unnecessary travels to obtain those kind of information. A direct search for a specific venue by name is also possible. MySpecialDate always keeps you updated, showing new and trendy places.

Each information page contains the details to join directly the place in question. You can also send an email to the venue via our website. Email or telephone are both best ways to join the professionals. You will find in the information page which language is spoken in each venue. If you cannot find your language, we will be pleased to assist you to contact the venues requested. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

MySpecialDate acts as a communication platform between the client and the venue. Therefore, the website does not participate in your event or in the transaction process. Our goal is to find you the most suitable venue for your private event and facilitate the communication between the user and the venue as well.

MySpecialDate principle is to be the reference listing all the venues in Israel. The information cannot be systemically checked as we offer to the venue the opportunity to communicate as they wish regarding their own venue. They freely chose the way they communicate. You just have to check your requirement to the venue. Nevertheless, all the venues listed within MySpecialDate are professionals and are committed to us to ensure the service they intend.