reception room , reception room and garden


Wedding , Bar(t)-mitzva , Brit(a)-mila , Henna party , Cocktail party

classic style, Inside and Outside

  • 300 - 1100 Guests sitting
    1200 Guests standing

  • 24/24
    Sunday to Friday

  • kosher ,glatt ,mehadrin

  • 1000 Parking spaces

Concept: Weddings, bar / bat mitzvah, alliances, conferences.
Location: Haoman 2 / Industrial 5, Talpiot, Jerusalem.
Guests: Up to 1100 guests.
The design: The place has undergone a modern and prestigious design that includes a wide range of elements which emphasize the character of the place.
Amplification and lighting: the most advanced amplification and lighting systems in the event industry, a high quality amplification system and acoustics at the highest level, in addition, an intelligent lighting system can be programmed in a wide range of options while responding to the customer's needs.
The menu: A rich and varied menu, starting with a custom serving standard (AS) according to the customer's choice, as well as options such as the innovative tasting menu of the place, which offers a variety of delicacies with a central and surprising serving, conducted by chef Aharon Michael.
Kashrut: The meat is part of Beit Yosef, Mehadrin chicken and the vegetable of Gush Katif, all the kosher meals of Rabbi Dov Harlap under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate.
In addition, it is possible to obtain all types of binding in accordance with the client's request.
Why celebrate with us? The warm atmosphere, the warm and family relations, and of course the renewed venue, sitting in front of an open garden and the most beautiful sunsets that can be seen from the canopy.

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  • Haoman St 2, Jerusalem

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