reception room , reception room and garden , garden


Wedding , Bar(t)-mitzva , Brit(a)-mila , Henna party , Cocktail party

antique , classic style, Inside and Outside

  • 50 - 250 Guests sitting
    300 Guests standing

  • 24/24
    Sunday to Friday

  • kosher ,glatt ,mehadrin

  • 1000 Parking spaces

Our story begins about three decades ago, so we took our first step in the field of events. With naivete and a lot of passion, we produced the first event at the Hamam.
"Hamam" was the first disco in Israel, and is known mainly as one of the largest theaters in Israel. Was already enacted in the consciousness of the Israeli public today is a cultural icon that contains the beauty of the city. After some 200 years in which the "Hamam" has undergone various incarnations, it seems that its true purpose has been found.
As the pioneers of the events in Old Jaffa, we are proud to present you with the new Hamam, and are happy to bring you to our magnificent event fan which contains love stories from the thousands of events we have hosted in our area. Recently, with extensive renovations, we uncovered the original "Hamam" walls that join the arches, the bricks and the unique beauty of the "Hamam". Under the supervision of designer Reut Zagoni, we created with the natural beauty of the Hamam a space that combines nostalgia and modernity, innocence and technology, and especially a lot of Jaffa soul.

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  • Mifrats Shlomo 10, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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