reception room , reception room and garden

San Royal

Wedding , Bar(t)-mitzva , Brit(a)-mila , Henna party , Cocktail party

classic style, Inside and Outside

  • 100 - 600 Guests sitting
    650 Guests standing

  • 24/24
    Sunday to Friday

  • kosher ,glatt ,mehadrin

  • 1000 Parking spaces

A wedding in the Sun Royale Ballroom, in its spectacular tropical garden or in one of the two halls - at your choice - offers you a once in a lifetime experience. At the entrance, you and your guests will be welcomed by live soft piano music. At first glance, the colorful lighting will give you the light of its preciousness. You will enter the festive royal atmosphere with the splendor and majesty of the entire complex surrounding you.
You can choose to hold the reception and the chuppah inside or outside (under the open skies). Depending on the number of invited guests, you can choose to hold the festive event in the large hall with 600 people or, alternatively, a smaller hall of up to 300 people.
Every detail and item speaks in this unique hall of events for itself. We do not just believe that every event, especially a wedding, is a once-in-a-lifetime event - we do everything to make you, who are destined to marry here or be guests at the wedding, feel it.
Each Sun Royal Ballroom staff - invests every possible effort and resource needed to make the wedding or Bar / Bat Mitzvah an experience that will be engraved on your hard disk of memories that are kept forever.
The Sun Royal Hall is equipped with both a valid business license as required by law and with the approval of the Ministry of Health. The entire complex is a quality and safe place. You are invited to experience an experience you have not experienced before and it is doubtful that you will experience again.
At Sun Royale we match the demands and desires of families and couples and give them a perfect experience of an event that will never be forgotten.
At Sun Royale we have provided everything in order to give you a great and perfect experience that you will not find anywhere else, a professional and winning team that knows how to deal with any difficulty required to produce the best and most successful events.

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