reception room , reception room and garden


Wedding , Bar(t)-mitzva , Brit(a)-mila , Henna party , Cocktail party

classic style, Inside and Outside

  • 100 - 230 Guests sitting
    500 Guests standing

  • 24/24
    Sunday to Friday

  • kosher ,glatt ,mehadrin

  • 1000 Parking spaces

Welcome to the Tsahala event complex in Ramat Hasharon, a complex of events for family and business events in the heart of the Sharon region. Tsahala combines a unique event garden with a unique event hall for Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, weddings and alliances in Ramat Hasharon. Tsahala is also a place for business events. The place is adjusted according to the size of the event, and small events can also be held on the site. The place is suitable for events up to 230 seated people, and at wedding parties the place is suitable for 500 guests. The event garden has a unique and exceptional atmosphere, quality equipment and a young, fresh and fexciting look. If you are looking for venues for events in the Sharon area, Tsahala, a banquet hall complex in Ramat Hasharon, is exactly the place for you. You are welcome to contact us for more details.

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  • Moshe Sneh St 199, Ramat HaSharon

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